A West Coast Image


Let the trees hold me upright

And the nodding deer walk ahead of me down the road.

I feel loved and calm and happy.

I have felt so loved the whole time of this trip back.

But I need pieces of time

When I’m doing nothing, not doing anything,

Spending hours of my vacation

In dark quiet rooms

Trying to rest, lying down.

My brain gets confused

Surrounded by these trees:

They sing songs in a language

That I no longer understand.

So I slept in a room

Guarded by lace.

Woke to roosters crowing crows calling

Sparrows and Flickers.

I want the purple stain of the wild blackberries

To stay forever on my skin Always

Here the wildlife takes revenge from the past

Deer, coyotes, bears and cougars

Walking through backyards in the daylight.

Breathing-in the land

That they own.